6 Benefits of WordPress Premium Themes

Now let me as you a question….

Are you happy with your current WordPress theme?

Did you pay for your WordPress theme, or you got one of the free ones?

What influenced your decision to purchase one? Was it a feature, or just the way it looks?

Why Premium WordPress Theme can be better for you, and your website

Here are 5 reasons:

  1. Quality: With Premium themes you are getting a much better quality theme. Meaning you are getting superior code and better design. You will also get better compliance to Standards, and most definitely responsive design, meaning a design that will work better with all devices, with different screen sizes
  2. Functionality: Now let me tell you, one of the reasons I do purchase premium theme, is to fulfill certain functionality that I am looking for. Mostly I look for simplicity and easy to use.
  3. Security: Here are the bad news, while free is good, you will be surprised by how many free WordPress themes, are in fact packaged with malicious code, that can do lots of harm, to you and others. Trust me on this, I have had that bad experience myself
  4. Updates: Premium themes are typically updated on a regular basis to keep up with new versions of WordPress. The same cannot be said of free themes. Most premium themes, are designed by teams, or companies, while the free ones, usually are based on individual efforts, who are sometimes active, and sometimes can’t just keep up with all the WordPress updates.
  5. Support: Most premium themes, comes with great support, either through forums, or through email. So customization should be easier, and once you are stuck, you can easily find help, or at least inquire about your options. Now with free themes, there is no obligation for the developer to help. She might help, depending on how active and how much free time she has. Now this is a very important feature, and depending on the level of customization, premium theme, will definitely be the way to go.

So now you might be wondering what is a WordPress premium theme, and how you can find them.

What is a Premium WordPress Theme?

A premium WordPress theme is a theme that costs money. If it isn’t free, it is premium. There are no fixed standards or certification that designates a theme as being premium. Anyone can build a WordPress theme, brand it as premium, and offer it for sale.

But true WordPress Premium themes, comes built by great web design professionals, with the objective to sell it, and by offering their backing, support and their guarantee behind their work.

How to find Premium WordPress Themes:

I have purchased, and bought many Premium WordPress themes, and some were really good, and some were were alright, but the bottom line, you need to look for reputable themes, that are backed by reputable companies. Preferable companies that had been around for a while, and not just the work of a single developer. See it all comes down what you looking for.

Here are some of the reputable companies/websites were I purchased or used one of their premium themes:

  • ThemeForest – They have a great collection of high quality themes, that comes with great support, and you can see reviews and feedback from other paid customers, it is like the amazon of premium WordPress themes.
  • Here is a list of the best 10 Premium WordPress Theme designers, compiled by one of the most informative WordPress sites

So now what?

So do you use a premium WordPress theme, or you just stayed with free. If you used premium let me know, which one you used in the comments below, my goal is to make this post a good page, and reference for premium WordPress themes, used by you, so that we can benefit and help others, who are looking for one. Whenever you can go with premium WordPress theme, or may be go for something I called custom WordPress theme, which will be the topic of my next article.

Looking forward to your feedback,

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