How to Allow Users to Add Favorite Posts, so that They Can Get Back to them Later

Here is Why You Should Add Favorite Posts:

In this training I am going to show an amazing plugin, that allows your readers and your website visitors to favorite blog posts or pages of your website, so that they come back to it later, and with this plugin, you will be able to make your blog visited more frequently, make your blog more interactive, more sticky because users will keep coming back to your blog, to read what they favorited, and also, this will be beneficial to you, because you will get a feel of what posts or content, favorited the most among your readers and website visitors, so that you can publish more content, related to these popular posts.

If you utilize this plugin on your blog or website, you will get more power and influence with your blog, and you will be able to take control of your content, because you are going to know, what are the most popular posts on your website, when the reader favorites a specific post, on your blog or website, it will be almost like a vote to the most popular posts on your blog and on the other hand, if you don’t use this plugin, or don’t utilize it on your blog or your website, you will not make it easier for your users to come back, and read their most popular posts on your blog or your website.

Also, using this plugin, your blog readers and website prospects, will easily connect with you, and relate to you, and you will be able to relate to them better, because you will know, exactly what are their favorite posts, and on the other hand, not using this plugin, you will make it harder for your blog readers, or website visitors to come back to your website, and connect with you.

And finally using this plugin, your website visitors will be able to achieve more, because your readers will quickly and easily get back to their favorite content on your blog or website.

What is WP Favorite Posts?

Allows users to add favorite posts. This plugin use cookies and database for saving data.

  • If a user logged in then favorites data will saved in database instead of cookies.
  • If user not logged in data will saved in cookies.

You can choose “only registered users can favorite a post” option, if you want. Also there is a widget named “Most Favorited Posts”. And you can use this template tag for listing most favorited posts;

How to Add WP Favorite Posts to Your WordPress Blog or Website?

You can find more info about this plugin, but clicking on the WordPress Repository


Watch the video below, as I show you exactly how to install it, and how to configure it, and demonstrate different ways of using it.


Finally and Conclusion

Again this plugin is one those nice to have plugins, it will add some extra features to your WordPress blog or website.

So if you want to give your blog readers or website visitors the ability to favorite posts and pages, so that they can come back later to it, which can definitely increase the stickiness, and decrease your bounce rate off your blog or website. Go download it and install it now, and configure it. Many of your website visitors will thank you for this amazing feature.

Let me know, what you think about this plugin, by posting your thoughts in the comment section below.