How to add PayPal to your WordPress Blog or Website, so You Can Accept Payments Or Donations?

As most of our activities in business, shift from the offline world, to the online, and the more we transact online, the need of accepting payments online is a must. Whether those payments are for selling a product or service, or for donations?

Whether you are a part time coach, teacher, or offering any kind of service, you must be able to accept payments online.

Those days waiting for checks or money orders to arrive in the mail, are long gone, at least from the way I do business…

Benefits of accepting payments online using PAYPAL:

1) Paypal is the easiest way to accept payments, most secure and most reliable

2) Accepting Credit Card Payments sometimes require merchant license, which is very hard and time consuming to get, and could be very expensive

3) Depending on which paypal account you have, you don’t have to pay monthly fees. You are only charged per transaction, so that should be very appealing especially for beginners.

4) You will get Detailed Reporting, and customer service – so I can still access the historical data from my paypal account that’s older than 3 years,

and they have great customer support whether by Phone or Email.

WordPress Easy Paypal Payment or Donation Accept Plugin:

With this plugin you will be able to utilitze the power of 2 platforms, with few clicks. WordPress as a website and blogging platform, and paypal, as a payment processor platform.

This plugin makes it super easy to use, and here are some of the benefits:

1) You Can Insert the Paypal Button anywhere, on a Post or Widget (please see how in the video below)

2) With one shortcode you will have the paypal widget generated, it is super easy

3) Multiple Currency support

4) Great for People who want to start online and start accepting payments without dealing with too much complexity and technical setup

How to use this Plugin:

I am going to show you how quickly and easily start accepting payments using paypal on your wordpress blog or website.

watch this video below…



As you can see accepting payments online is very easy.

So if you have a wordpress blog or website, and you offer any kind of work or service, and still relying on checks, then start using this plugin, and start generating income stream right away.

Here is what you need to get started:

1) goto Paypal, and sign up in case you don’t have a paypal account

2) go to Tips & Tricks HQ website and download the plugin

3) Follow the instructions in this video, and you should be good to go…

Please share your comments below, let me know, what you think….

What’s your favorite online payment method?

Any other paypal plugins that you like?