Are You Looking for a Reliable Affordable Web Hosting Company?

Are You Looking for a Reliable And Affordable Web Hosting Company? And Not Sure Who to trust?

Imagine this, you are going on vacation, you’ve saved all year for your one week off. You’re all packed and set to leave in the morning. Then the phone rings…..

It’s one of the people at your office calling to tell you that your web site is down. You think yourself, ohs, that’s not a big deal, I will just call them, and I am sure they will get it fixed.So you decided to pick up the phone and call your hosting company to see what’s up or in this case why its down. They tell you call back in 15 minutes, its only a minor problem. You call back, this time, the number is busy. Hit redial, “Your call is important to us, all representatives are busy assisting other customers. Please hold for the next available representative.

And time just pass by..

Finally, 30 minutes later you get a representative that says Hey, 15 more minutes its only a minor problem. Well being that’s what they said 5 hours ago, you hang up in disgust, cancel your vacation. That was Monday
It’s now Thursday, your site is still down your vacation is cancelled and you are now out 4 days of sales worth….See when your site goes down, not only affects your sales, but actually affects your SEO ranking, your reputation, and your visitors confidence, which are the most expensive asset that any website have.Being in that situation 3 years ago….I learned my lesson, and that’s why I host all my websites and my customer websites @ Hostgator.

Being a current paying HostGator customer (3 years+ running) I can say from personal experience that I highly recommend their hosting services. So if you want to finally get started making money with websites, or just simply start your own personal blog or you just want to spread out your risk and get a second hosting account for some of your websites – today is the best day to do it and save a bunch of money at the same time on all their hosting plans….Offer expires tomorrow by the way..

If you’re just getting started I highly recommend their “baby” hosting plan which allows you to host unlimited websites for an entire year for only $86.64 (pay for the entire year upfront to lock in the low monthly rate they’re offering today).
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Just wanted to add, they got 24*7*365 days Phone and Online Support, so if you have a problem, someone will help you, on the other end.

I used their support numereous times, and they always go the extra mile, to make sure that the issue is resolved ASAP..

You won’t regret it, and it is a great savings, that’s why I decided to write to you today.

By the way the offer is valid TODAY ONLY…. So Save Some Money and Get it NOW!!!

Please tell me who is your favorite Web Hosting Company and Why?