How to Translate Your Website or Blog to 58 Languages using Google Translate?

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Would you like to translate your blog or website to all over 58 languages so you can serve more audience, and give me more people the opportunity to read and consume your content?

Would you like to sell your product or service globally and reach non english speaker consumers?

Would you like to get more clients and increase your revenue?

If you answer YES to any of the above questions, then DEFINITELY this training is for you..


Let me tell you why having a multilingual website is no longer a luxury, and it is a must have in today’s global economy.

1) We live in a fast world. The Internet and the World Wide Web is increasingly becoming the most important market place, not only in the Advanced World, but even in Third World Countries.

2) Most people when wanting or need a product or service, start their research online, and if they can’t read your content, you are missing lots of business opportunities.

3) Any businesses wishing to get that competitive advantage, a multilingual website now presents one of the highest impact means of expanding a client base and securing greater sales volumes

So you might be asking What is Website Translation or What do I mean by Multilingual Website:

Google Translate is a free technology provided by Google… I have been using it a lot lately, to communicate and to talk, to my non English speaker friends, plus it is a great tool, if you are trying to learn a new language.

When I started this website, few months ago, after I plugged in Google Analytics, to track my website, and measure my progress. I noticed, that more than 50% of my visitors are coming from non English speaker countries.

And as you know, my visitors get my top priority in anything I can do. So I started looking for solutions, where I can make it easier for them, to consume and read my content. So I found this plugin…

Here are some interesting statistics, that I thought I should share with you….

“27% of Internet users are English speaking according to the World Internet Statistics. Moreover, a study carried out by the Common Sense Advisory found that a massive 85% of online shoppers would only purchase from websites that discussed the products in their own language even if they were able to understand other languages used on the site.”

Now you might say, I am SOLD… How I can add this functionality to my wordpress blog or website:

In the video below, I show you everything in detail, how I installed the plugin, and how I configured it.

It is very easy to do, and the whole process can be accomplished in under 10 min…And you can see it any action, if you look to the top of my sidebar…






And Finally…

Small enhancements like this, can add a great value for your website visitors.

It is very easy to use, and non intrusive based on my personal experience, so you shouldn’t have any conflict with other plugins, so go now, and take action, and make your blog readable and consumable to the world…

Talk to you next week, on Plugin Friday…


P.S. To Download the plugin go to GTranslate Plugin

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