How to Design a Blog Header Online in Under 30 Min. Step by Step

In this video I am going to show you how to create a professional look header banner for your wordpress blog or website.

Why Design Blog Header?

A good header or banner for your blog is very important. It’s like the  business card for your blog, or your front door.

It is the first thing people see, when they find and visit your blog or website and it might be the one thing that determines whether they want to hang around or not.

That space on top of your blog is gold, and you should use it really well, because that’s the first thing, the eye sees, since eyes read from top bottom, left to right, so you must take advantage of that. And make sure that it reflects your blog’s core message and purpose.

Your blog or website header that has to convince a casual passer-by that you got the goods, and the visitor will know, what your website, or blog is all about.

So before you upload a new header to your blog, you should make sure that it is the best possible header for your blog.

Here are three things you should want to consider:

1) Let it be a reflection of you and what your blog is about in a matter of seconds.

2) Don’t make it too big or too small, make it just right where it conveys your message and your blog purpose…If you are using a special wordpress theme, check the the theme instructions, because some themes requires specific size, specific height or width. For example, my theme requires header banner of 977 px, wide, in order for it to fit perfectly.

3) Try to use your picture or some form of graphic which makes it look better and more professional.

So in order to make a header banner for your wordpress blog or website, that captures attention, and make your wordpress look beautiful..

I am going to show you 3 tools, that will help you create a simple but beautiful expressive banner for your wordpress blog or website, so that you can capture the attention of your website or blog visitor as soon as they land on your website.

3 Easy Tools to get Your Website or Blog Header designed step by step:

1) The first tool it is free and it is called and it is an amazing, tool, that can help you create and beautiful text, and provides you with different customization options.

And inside the video below, I show you all the different features, that this tool provides, and a different customization options.

2)After we picked the cooltext, that resembles your website name, now we need to pick a graphic, or some form of an image that goes along with your blog design.

You can use one of those image banks, where you can find and purchase a perfectly legal image, that resembles who you are and what your website is about, the most famous ones is, or, starting with a Dollar or Two depending, on image and the size.

Me personally I do have an image that my graphic designer, created for me, but if you don’t have a specific image, no problem…

You can find one right now.. and Technically speaking you can find any image that matches your blog or website, and you will be surprised about the quality and how many images are available inside those image banks.

Now that we got our cool text, and got our graphic…

3)Now we need to use an image editing software. we need the image editing software so we can put all these elements together, to create that fancy header for your blog or website, so you can tell your website visitors, what your blog or website is all about.

You can use photoshop, Paint, gimp, or many other desktop image editing software

But I am going to use a cool online image editing software called Pixlr. The reason I like it, because it is online, so I don’t have to install any software, and I can access my images anytime from anywhere, and it is lightweight, and got most of the tools that I need.

Head to

You can start, right away, without creating an account, but I highly recommend, that you create an account, so you can save your work there, and get back to your images, anytime you want.

And inside the video, I show you all the details, on how to design a cool image header, for your website.

Please note, that I am not graphic designer at all, but with all these simple tools, I was able to design the header banner image that you see on the top of this blog.




So are you going to design your own banner header for your website? Was this video helpful? Please let me know, by posting your comment below.