What is the Difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com, and Which one is better for you

WordPress is a free software product that is quickly becoming the most popular software on the Internet. Today, WordPress is not just used for blogging, but WordPress right now, power membership sites, corporate web sites, and even eCommerce websites.

WordPress comes in two different flavors, WordPress.com is an Open Source software meaning it’s free for anyone to use and modify to meet their personal needs (in this case, to create blogs). Since it’s free, it does have limitations. Alternatively,WordPress.org provides the software to create your blog, but WordPress.org does not host your blog on the Internet for you. You will have to pay a separate hosting provider to obtain a domain name and host your blog online. Using WordPress.org with a paid hosting service you will get the maximum flexibility and customization.

Why is this important to know:

Knowing the true differences between the 2 flavors, is very important, for you to make a decision which way you should go.

Here are the factors that you should rely on to make a decision on which flavor to choose.

1) Simple and Easy to get Started

WordPress.com – doesn’t require extensive technical skills to get started. All you have to do just go to WordPress.com, fill out the form, create a new account, and get started as easy as that.

WordPress.org – still not difficult, but requires little more technical skills to get going with it, you will need to be familiar with domain names, web hosting control panel, and plugins to extend functionality.

2) Web Hosting

WordPress.com – Premium hosting, security, and backups are included. You can even upgrade to a custom domain, like YourOwnDomain.com.

WordPress.org – You will need to find your own web hosting company, and you will need to do backups and maintenance yourself.

3) Customization

WordPress.com – You have limited customization options, you still have access to thousands of free themes, and you can sign up to some extra premium features, that can offer you extra customization options – but still limited in comparison to the other flavor of WordPress

WordPress.org – You got unlimited customization options – and the sky is the limit. You can customize the look and the feel of your blog or website, you can change all aspects of the code, modify the html and the CSS behind the scene. Also you have access to thousands of free themes, and premium themes, with few clicks. This is where you get the highest leverage, and you care completely in charge of everything on your website.

4) Themes:

One of the main differences, that differentiates both platforms in my opinion is themes.

With WordPress.com – You will still have access to thousands of themes, but those themes are just provided to you. You can create your own, you can still change some aspects of what is provided, you can still do some CSS tweaks, but that’s the most you can do.

With WordPress.org – You can create your own themes, using PHP and CSS, you still have access to thousands of Free Themes, created by developers from all over the world, and still can upload any theme, that you can purchase, from any WordPress Theme Developer.

5) Plugins:

That’s another MAJOR difference between the two platforms, because plugins help you extend the functionality of  WordPress, where everything is possible. With WordPress Plugins, your website can become a Membership Site, eCommerce website, or anything you can imagine. In my humble opinion, that what makes WordPress one of the most powerful software application on the internet.

With WordPress.com – YOU CANNOT Install plugins – you can still add some popular features like sharing, stats, comments, polls and contact forms, but that’s the most you can do.

With WordPress.org – Everything is possible, and the sky is the limit. As the Apple Motto, “there is An App for That”. The same thing applies here, with WordPress.org – “there is a plugin for that”, there are plugins that adds all sorts of functionality to your WordPress site. And if you wanted to add a functionality and a plugin, don’t exist, you can create it yourself, with some knowledge of PHP, and programming.

If you have trouble deciding between starting your blog on WordPress.com or WordPress.org, you may want to consider starting a practice blog on WordPress.com first. If you’ve never started your own blog before, playing with features and testing effects on a practice blog is a great idea. Your practice blog could be on any topic you love simply to learn how to blog and learn the WordPress software. After a few months, when you feel comfortable with the software, it should be easier to decide if you want to stick with WordPress.com or switch to WordPress.org for your ‘real’ blog.

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