How to Enhance Your YouTube Embeds Engagement on Your WordPress Website, Using EmbedPlus?

Youtube is an important platform, not only it is the one of the biggest search engines, and it is where you hang out sometimes, to watch funny squirrel and baby videos, but it is one of biggest educational platforms, full of tutorials and how tos, in almost any topic.

If you have a wordpress blog, most probably you have some youtube videos embedded in there, may be they are your own videos, or referencing someone else.

Whether you plan on Offering Products or Services on your website. A Youtube video, is a must do. It is a great service. Videos can be easily made, thousands of people will have access to them and your cost is almost nothing other than the time you put making the video. Also you can also easily post these videos to your own website.

Ok Here is a fact:

[content_box_blue width=”75%”]There are more YouTube videos watched each month in the US (10 billion), than there are searches on Google. So You as a Business or an Internet Marketer can’t ignore this medium![/content_box_blue]

So if you are planning to master Internet Marketing, Blogging and the Art of doing business online then mastering youtube is a must.

Youtube is the second largest search engine, and it is very important for deriving traffic to your website or blog.

Why the EmbedPlus Plugin is Awesome:

1) Would it be nice, if you have youtube video, that almost acts like a dvd video?, Would it be nice to add chapters and scenes to your youtube videos? where you can quickly and easily skip between them?

2) Would it be cool, to Watch the youtube video in small motion? (this can be useful in training and demonstration)

3) Read the feedback from other social media websites? about this particular video? Also, engage your views, which increases your visitor stickiness, meaning spending more time on your website, since all this is happening on your website?

4) How about Zooming your video, and Cropping it, so you make it start at specific time, and end at different times?

What is EmbedPlus?

It is a FREE wordpress plugin, that enhances the playback and visitor engagement of the YouTube videos.

How to use it?

Watch this video training, as show you exactly how to download, install and configure this plugin. And I show you many of the applications all in real time.


1) Download it from the WordPress Repository

2) Install it and activate it.

3) Watch the video, for further detail on how to use it.

[embedplusvideo height=”298″ width=”480″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=IhE3FitXC8o&width=480&height=298&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&react=1&chapters=249,286,737&notes=” id=”ep7394″ /]

How You Can Use the EmbedPlus Plugin:

As you can see, that I personally rely on YouTube on all my video tutorials, this not only helped me by cutting down on my cost, but also, it brought more visitors to my website. And now with this plugin, I see a big opportunity, even to take your youtube tutorials further. By using chapters, slow motion, cropping, movable zoom, and real time reactions, you can make your tutorial based videos, more interactive, straight to the point, and more fun.

If you are teaching, educating, or doing lots of Online video demos, go ahead, and use this plugin.

Let me know, how you like it? Any issues you encountered with ?

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