How to Easily Find WordPress Post/Page Id?

Why Do You Need to Find the WordPress Post ID or Page ID?

Are you trying to Find the page id or the post id, of your wordpress blog or website?

Do You Have a Plugin or Theme, That Require You to Use Link ID, Media ID, or Category ID?

If the above seems the case, then continue reading.

I am trying to create a membership site, and in order for me to set security on what users can access, I will need the page or post id to do that..Which can be very tedious and time consuming.

And actually there are many themes, or plugins, that requires the IDs when dealing with Images, Links, or Categories.

Now You Might be Wondering, what is the WordPress Post ID or WordPress Page ID?

In WordPress each post or page has an associated numeric ID. Basically that’s a database ID that represents that actual post, media, page, link or anything in wordpress. That ID tells wordpress basically what post or page, you are saving or viewing.

How to Find the WordPress Post or Page ID?

Now you can hover, and look on the URL, and you can actually see it..

But with this plugin, it is going to list all the page ids or the post ids,
so you can easily and quickly see them, and use them…..

The plugin I am going to use is called…WP Show IDs ( simple, yet elegant )

This plugin will show Simply, yet elegantly, all IDs for Posts, Pages, Media, Links, Categories, Tags, and Users in the admin tables for easy access. Very lightweight. Also

Let me show you how…how to install it, configure it, and see how it works..

[embedplusvideo height=”298″ width=”480″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=lfdERWT0iGU&width=480&height=298&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep2693″ /]

How You Can Use IT:

Go ahead and download this plugin, and install it, it is very lightweight, with no configuration required, all it does, is basically just a add column, on your all posts, all pages page, and adds a column called ID, where it actually shows the wordpress Post ID for each entry, in your wordpress website.

Hopefully this tip will save you sometime.

Download WP Show IDs ( simple, yet elegant ) from The WordPress Repositoy

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