Five Free Amazing Looking Parallax Themes to Make Your Website Look Wonderful

Not sure if you ever heard term Parallax Themes, and or Parallax scrolling.

Well if you didn’t know, you will be able to learn more about Parallax, in this post.

Here is why Parallax Themes, are amazing:

  • It’s a cool effect that can turn an otherwise boring looking website into something fun and exciting – and even a bit sexy.
  • Captures attention of your website visitors, because of the moving object, and video backgrounds
  • Easy and smooth fluid page scrolling
  • Your website message, can be summarized, into almost a single amazing looking page, so that your website visitors, can see it all quickly and easily
  • Dazzle, your website visitors, with a clear message and clear call to action, since most of Parallax themes, comes with a call to action button

In case you are still wondering what is parallax:

Parallax scrolling is super hot right now. It was first popularized by Nike, where the number of site’s featuring the dynamic technique has exploded.

The parallax effect, or parallax scrolling, in web design features layered images that move at different speeds, creating the illusion of depth as you scroll down the page, kind of like a faux-3D effect. Usually the background moves slower than the foreground. The technique uses scrolling to reveal new content and works similar to one-page sites where all the content is on a single page.

So your site, will appear, just as a one fancy single page website, with multiple sections.

Here are the Five Free Parallax themes, that I selected for you. And I went through them one by one, just to make sure that you get the best of the best.

Check them out now, and download them, and see which one fits you best.

Amazing Looking Parallax Themes:

1) Invert Lite Theme

Clean and easy-to-use, Invert Lite is a free business theme that offers all the right features for the corporate-minded among us. But that’s not to say it’s lacking in style. Quite the contrary.

The theme developer describe it, as a Clean, Multipurpose, Responsive Business WordPress Theme with easy customization options one can easily setup a perfect business theme in a few minutes. The striking features of “INVERT” are Easy Custom Admin Options, 3 Custom Page Templates, Parallax Section, Custom Logo, Custom favicon, Social links Setup, SEO Optimized, Call To Action, Featured Text. A package you won’t regret getting for FREE.


Download | Demo

2) Pilot Fish

Pilot Fish is an elegant portfolio theme with minimal design: featuring a custom post type to highlight projects and work, and parallax scrolling on the front page to display a featured image. Responsive layout makes it adaptive to mobile devices. Also Pilot Fish supports custom menus, post formats, and is available in Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Dutch and German.

Pilot Fish Parallax Theme


Download | Demo

3)  Moesia

Moesia is a striking business theme you can use to build an effective online presence. Choose from eleven predefined blocks and build the homepage that best suits your company. Each of the homepage blocks can have a parallax background image and its own set of colors. Moesia also features a selection of Google Fonts, two types of layouts for the blog page, cool animations and effects, a parallax header and much more.



Download | Demo

4)  OneEngine

Enhance the simplicity with this Multi-Purpose One Page WordPress Theme Layout builder included, easy-to-use backend options, plus glorious design.

You can use it for just about anything, making it so very worth the download. This single-page theme is easy to manage from a backend perspective and includes an intuitive layout builder so you can drag-and-drop your pages into existence, right before your very eyes.

With a parallax background, smart carousel, over 60 animations, 600+ Google Fonts, and a built-in contact form, you can build anything you set your mind to here. Go ahead and be creative. In fact, I bet you’ll find it hard not to be creative with this theme in your toolkit.


Download | Demo

5)  Radiate

Radiate is a clean, creative and light retina ready responsive blogging theme supporting parallax header image. It integrates primary color option, custom background, custom css and few other features through WordPress customizer.



Download | Demo

Parallax, will make your website look gorgeous, modern, and futuristic. Aside from making your website looking better, also, all the themes, above are responsive. Meaning that they will work nicely across different screens, and devices.

Give them a try, and let me know, what you think.

So what do you think ? Which Theme you like best?

Give one of them a try, install it, and configure it, and let me know.


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