Five Free Best Responsive WordPress Themes

Responsive Web Design and Wordpress themes

Ok I am sure now you are wondering “What is a Responsive WordPress Theme?”

Well… Responsive WordPress Themes is the latest trend in WordPress Theme Design and Development.

They are designed to be responsive, regardless the device or the browser the WordPress website or Blog, viewed with.

So as you know, with the growing popularity in Browser Enabled Devices, such as Tablets and Smart Phones, it became extremely important these days, that your website will look NICE and not LOSE  any formatting, regardless what device is used.

So basically your website, will adjust with these settings, no matter, if it is a Kindle, iPhone, iPad or Any Smartphone.

This means that your WordPress Website or Blog  will ALWAYS look good and fancy, and adjust according to the screen size or the device the visitor uses, without needing to have separate mobile themes, and extra stylesheets, to handle mobile device visitors.

In this post, I went through different Free Theme Options and designs, and I picked the best for you, so you can install and enjoy on your own WordPress Blog or Website, and BE RESPONSIVE 🙂

1) Dailypost:

Dailypost Free Responsive WordPress Theme

Dailypost Free Responsive WordPress Theme


DailyPost PRO – Personal WordPress Theme
DailyPost PRO is designed for personal Blogs. It is highly customizable and can be viewed on computers, tables, and mobile devices.


  • Nivo Slider
  • Twitter Widget
  • Tabs Widget
  • Share Buttons
  • Responsive Web Design, Mobile first
  • Post Format
  • Custom Widgets
  • Internationalized & localization
  • SEO Options Section
  • Full HTML5 and CSS3
  • Frequent theme upgrades
  • WordPress APIs compliant
  • Clean Code
  • Microformats
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Threaded Comments
  • Gravatar ready

2) iTheme2:

iTheme2 Free Responsive WordPress Theme

This is a Mac OS- Like them, so if you are  a big Apple Fan, then I am sure you are going to enjoy and like this theme.

This theme has been updated with the Themify Framework, it got better, and got more options, and features.

MORE INFO / DEMO by: themify (free theme)

3) BonPress:

BonPress — WPZOOM Theme Demo

BonPress is the perfect personal blog theme. Packed with Post Formats (audio, video) feature and multiple Custom Widgets, like Twitter, Flickr, will offer you a unique experience from blogging.

Standard Features:

  • WPZOOM Options Panel
  • Custom Menus Management
  • Threaded Comments Support
  • Custom Widgets & Features
  • SEO Options Section
  • Custom Page Templates
  • Developed for WP 3.0+
  • Custom Logo Input
  • Automatic Image Resizing
  • Internationalized & Localized
  • Custom Background Support

MORE INFO / DEMO by: Wpzoom (free theme)

4) Yoko:

Yoko   A blog theme by Elmastudio-142716

Yoko is a flexible HTML5/CSS3 WordPress theme. With the responsive layout based on CSS3 media queries. The design is optimized for all devices such as big desktop screens, tablets and small smartphone screens.

MORE INFO /DEMO by: elmastudio (free theme)

4) The Responsive Twenty Ten:

About   Responsive Twenty Ten-143110

Responsive Twenty Ten is a child theme of the default WordPress theme. Dan Gavin andSara Cannon of Birmingham, AL decided to go on a quest to make a responsive WordPress theme. Lo and behold, the twentyten child they’ve been dreaming of was already started! So, they developed this theme based off of Todd Halfpenny’s version here. With the addition of some special touches such as flexible images, nice margins, and some mobile image rules.  Please download, take, use, change, and do whatever you want with it.

MORE INFO /DEMO by: (free theme)

So what do you think? Which one you like the most?

I think they are all nice looking and full of functionality responsive wordpress themes, especially if you are having a personal blog, or a personal website, I think they will do a good job.

Me personally I am thinking to use, Dailypost, or BonPress for my own personal blog.

Which one you are going to choose? Post Your Answer in the comments below…

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