How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress Dashboard

Why Add Google Analytics to Your WordPress Dashboard:

One of the things that I like to see whenever I login to my blog, or website, is how many visitors I am getting and how many page views throught out the day…

Now in this post I am not going to discuss the importance of having any kind of analytics on your website. I am assuming that this is a given, but here are some reasons why you should ALWAYS and I mean  ALWAYS have some kind of Analytics configured and installed on your wordpress blog or website:

1) Find How Many Visitors you are getting everyday, every week, and track the progress over month or even years?

How are you going to know that you are having progress, if you are not tracking?

When I started this blog, the first couple of weeks, I only had may be 1 or 2 a day, then the more I persisted in producing content, the more traffic I started to get, so seeing my traffic number increase, gave me a clue that I am on the right track.

2) Know where visitors are coming from? – Are they coming through a link that you had posted somewhere? Are they coming through comment that you posted?

If the answer is yes, then may be you need to do more of that, and post more comments, or contact other similar websites, to post more links for you.

3) I recently realized that my 50% of my website visitors their official language is not English, that’s why I added a translation option, to make it easier for my audience and my readers , to read and understand my content…

I login to my wordpress dashboard multiple times a day, whether to do some modifications, edit content, or publish new information, so it is always nice to be able to see how many visitors I am getting throughout the day.

There are many plugins that integrate Google Analytics and install on your wordpress blog or website.

But only a handful, that actually show it on the dashboard…and that’s where the Web Ninja Google Analytics WordPress Plugin comes in…

It is a very lightweight plugin, developed by Josh FowlerWeb Ninja Google Analytics WordPress Plugin. It not only allows you to add Google Analytics JavaScript to each page on your site without making any changes to your template, but it also adds an Admin Dashboard Widget with Analytic Stats. Plus, not only do you see the over all stats on the Admin Dashboard but you can see individual post and page stats in the Post and Pages Admin sections.

This plugin is highly configurable. With it you can add tracking to outbound links, download, and mailto links as well as see your stats from the past 7 days, 30 days, 60 days, and even 90 days.

Inside this video training below, you learn, the following:

1) How to Configure and Sign Up for Google Analytics

2) How to Install the Plugin on Your WordPress Website, and How to Configure it

3) How to Configure and Show the Google Analytics Information on Your WordPress Dashboard…


And Finally….

If you don’t have a wordpress plugin that allows you to see your anayltics on your dashboard, then give this plugin a try, the good things about this plugin, is you get 2 for 1 value, all in one package. You get a highly configurable plugin, that adds your google analytics code to all your posts and page, and at the same time see it on your dashboard.

And if you don’t have a google analytics installed, on your wordpress blog or website.. Do it now, and start tracking, the sooner the do it, the more information you will get the better decisions that you will be able to make, with your website or blog.

Talk to you next Friday, with another episode with Plugin Friday…

Tarek Alaaddin

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