How to Add mp3/Music Player to WordPress That Works with All Devices

This week,  I am going to share a really useful, compact, easy to use plugin, that helps you with distributing your audio content.

Why add an MP3 Player to WordPress Site or Blog:

  • If you are selling premium audio content, this plugin can be used to play Previews of that Content, so if for example you have an hour long interview, with someone, you can use this plugin to play the first 10 min or so, to show how good is your content is.
  • If you do any kind of pod-casting, this plugin will help you quickly and easily embed your content, on your blog posts, or your other wordpress pages
  • When you watch the video below, you will that this plugin is so compact, and w0n’t take much space, on your pages
  • This is an HTML5 based Audio Player, meaning, that it will be play on Any Mobile Device, such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, or any android enabled Phone or tablet, so that your website visitors can consume your audio content on the go, wherever they are which I think it is AWESOME..

So in case you are still wondering….

what is WordPress Audio Player plugin?

It is a cool, easy to use plugin, that you can download and install and configure in less than 5 min. It is an HTML5 based plugin, that will give you an advantage of Streaming Audio Content, to almost any device.

How to Use/Add MP3 Player to Your WordPress Blog or Website?

Using it is very simple….

1) Download the FREE Plugin from the Awesome People at Tips & Tricks HQ

2) Install it and Activate it

3) Copy the Shortcode by Going to Settings -> SC Audio Player

4) Enter the shortcode within a post or a page

5) Make sure that you enter the full path of your mp3 or ogg file

6) You Are DONE!!! 😉

And if you like to see a full demonstration, on how to download, install, activate and utilize please watch the video below, and you will be embedding audio content on your wordpress blog or website in a matter of minutes.

Not only that, your website visitors will be so pleased, because they will be able to consume your content, on the go, at the gym, or at the office through their Mobile Phone.



Start sharing your audio content, and if you record seminars, or teleclass, make sure that you upload the recording to your website, and start offering your valuable content to your visitors.

Please post a comment below, and let me know, what you think? How do you like this plugin? Do You have other ones that you recommend?


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