How to Add Google Custom Search to WordPress? And Make Your WordPress Site Search Better and Faster

As you have more content, and more pages and posts on your blog, or your wordpress website. I noticed that the wordpress search engine doesn’t do a great job.

Now it is ok, for small blog, and will get you by just fine, but as complex as your content become, and the more content you have the need for more reliable search platform will be needed on your wordpress blog or website.

And that’s for the following reason:

1) You want fast and reliable search results, so you can make it easier for your audience, and your readers to find content, since we are all in the content business

2) You want the ability to search across links, and blogrolls, and provide relevant search results instantly if possible.

As I was thinking, about a solution, and searching for different plugins that could improve my search results, and ofcourse using my favorite internet search engine, I noticed that there is a service provided for FREE by Google called “Google Custom Engine”.

Now the extensive uses of the Google Custom Engine, is beyond the topic of this post, but I wanted to tell you that I was super happy and excited that I can use it on my wordpress blog, and that’s the focus of today’s topic.

Here is how to add Google Custom Search to WordPress, Step by Step:

Now the question is how to integrate The Best Search Engine in the world into your wordpress blog or website in a matter of minutes.

Google Custom Search Engine, is an amazing free service provided by Google and the purpose of it, is to allow us to great our own custom search engine, either for specific websites, or for specific topic, and also integrate it quickly and easily on our websites with no hassle, and also maintain your website look and feel.

Just by embedding few lines of code, to our search pages, and now you got Google As the Search Engine Provider for your Blog or Website.

So go ahead and watch the video for more details, on how it is done, and here are a summary of steps that you need to do to implement this on your wordpress blog or website:

1) Go To, and using your google account, get your account setup

2) Add the URL of your website

3) Specify Search Details

4) Google is going to generate some code, that you are going to embed on your search and search results pages.

For better demonstration watch the youtube video below.

5) Once all the above steps are complete, you are done and good to go.

Bonus Tip: You can search across multiple websites, think about how you can use this feature?

The conclusion:

So if you feel that the wordpress search is inadequate for your content, or if you are not pleased with it, now you have another option to get your blogging experience to the next level, and to provide better user experience to your customers and your audience..

Better User Experience

Talk to you next week, and Happy Blogging!!

And to give credit, to the source, I got this article and details from,

it is a great site, and I highly recommend it for wordpress tips and newsletters.


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