How to Add Image Slider or banner rotator to your WordPress site, so that You Can Increase Your Website Usability and Engage Your Website Visitors

They say “A picture or an image is worth more than 1000 words”. Seeing it and watching it, is much better than just talking about it..

And that’s what image sliders or banner rotators do…

Adding a WordPress Image Slider, you will be able to quickly and easily add image sliders to your wordpress website or blog, so that your users, can see images, that show your product, service, or your offering.

Using WordPress Image Slider, you will be able to get more power and influence, because your website visitor, will be able to resonate to you very quickly once they see your image or side show. They will know, what you all about, in few seconds, and which in many instances, that’s all what we got. Also, by not using the image and slide rotators, you won’t be able to have a great power and influence, because once your prospects, land on your website, they might get lost with all the amazing content that you have…. But your images, especially if related to your offering will always tell your story in a matter of seconds.

Using this plugin and the amazing other plugins that I showed you in previous training, you will be able to accomplish more, and get more done with your website, and also, you will be able to resonate much better with your prospects.

WordPress Slider:

Having a WordPress slider or simply a jQuery Slider implemented into the top of a blog or website front page, category page etc. not only looks good it also can have a significant positive effect on conversion rates i.e. getting visitors to sign up, buy products etc.

In this detailed video training, I am going to show you one of my favorite image sliders, step by step, how to install it, configure it, and utilize it, so that you can make your website more usable and at the same time, engage your website visitor with relevant information.

You can download this plugin straight from the wordpress plugin repository.

And also you can checkout the developer’s website, in case you have questions, and interested in any of the themes, that they offer.

Again this wordpress slider got some amazing feature, and I like how easy is the user interface, and how intuitive to manage, and change.

Some of the plugin features:

  • Get First or Featured Images from Post or Page
  • Load images faster with `Image caching`
  • Custom slider Width and Height
  • Give Title and Text to each slide
  • 4 Slide layouts
  • Auto re-size images
  • Set Image quality
  • Custom navigation styles
  • Custom image button styles
  • `9 Image transition affects`
  • Navigation button placement
  • `Short Code and inbuilt Widget`
  • Custom border,color and radius
  • [NEW] Randomize Image Sequence

So if you have a website, make sure that you go ahead and use this image slider. You will quickly discover, from the user interface, that’s it is very easy to use, and  be customized fairly quickly.


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