How to Choose A Domain Name That Helps Your Prospect and Customers to Find You in Under 5 min

I call this the “Domain Name Finder” Technique, if you implement this technique you will be able to find and create awesome great domain names. Domain names, that relates to your customer, which makes get more power and influence with your prospects and your followers. Also to add you will become more popular, liked and respected among your prospects and followers, because they know exactly what your site is about and what you offer, which results to more achievement, more sales, and you will be able to get more done and accomplished.

On the other hand if you don’t implement this technique, you will come up with boring and an not useful domain names, for your personal website or your business website, which results in losing power among the people and the prospects that you are trying to influence, so you resonate less and less and less prospects will be able to relate to you, which results to you becoming less liked, and respected, and as a result to all of that you WILL NOT be able to accomplish your goals and you will achieve less in your online business.


Everything online starts with a domain name, without a domain name nobody can find your site. In this training I discuss the importance of domain name, and how to make it easy by just reading your domain name to know what you do and what your business is about

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