How to Embed Amazon S3 Videos into your WordPress Blog and Protect Your Video Content all at the same time

Why Use Amazon S3?

Sometimes, we have to use video hosting in order to provide video content. I know you might say we got youtube, vimeo, and other video sharing websites, why don’t we just rely on those?

The problem those video sharing sites are amazing and they give us free bandwidth and great exposure to our content, but they are not ideal for all situations.

May be you want to start a membership site, or offer some form of premium paid content, so we have to rely on other platforms so we can gain more control and power over our content, and at the same time protect it and only share it with the rightful audience.

One way to do that is host your videos, on the amazon s3 platform. For more info about what Amazon S3 and how it can help your online business, checkout this link for more info

It is basically a highly scalable platform, where you can host any kind of content, and only pay for what you use. So it is not free, but you it is very inexpensive, and it is designed to handle all kind of demand, whether you have a high trafficked website, where you have audience from all over the world, is for just simple sites as well.

In this training I am going to show you a useful wordpress video plugin to easily embed your video content from your amazon S3 to your wordpress blog, and at the same protect, and keep it safe, this is good for special situations like membership sites and premium content.

So go watch this training, and get your videos embedded, and show me what you got in the comments below:


To download the plugin and for developer website click here..

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