How to Install Multiple WordPress Plugins in one Click?

Let me ask you the following questions….

Do you own multiple wordpress sites or blogs?
Do you have a set of plugins that you like to have on every wordpress sites?
Would like to speed up your wordpress site/blog creation, and get it READY as soon as possible?
Would you like to install multiple wordpress plugins all at once and in just ONE CLICK?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, then this plugin is for you.

Here is the cool thing about this plugin…You can install multiple plugins, all at once,
only with one click, all you have to do is just know their names…

Here is a tip for you, what you can do is have a text file, with all your favorite plugin names,
saved, so you can just copy and paste all the content of the text file, into the plugin text area.

With this plugin you can save time and effort, and you don’t have to go through series
of clicks for install and activation, all done for you at once..

I discovered this plugin by coincidence. I was re-installing one of my wordpress sites,
and thought I wish there is a way to install all my favorite 15 plugins, all at once,
rather than doing them one by one… And after few google searches, I FOUND IT!

The name of the plugin is “Improved Plugin Installation” and you can find it,
by clicking here.

Watch the video below for the how to, and you will see how easy to get it done, and setup.

So go use this plugin, and get your plugins installed and READY!


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