How to Personalize Your Website using GeoTargeting and WordPress

One of the things, people love about Successful Websites, is how Personalized it is.

Personalization can happen, using cookies, by knowing that your visitor just come back, or also can happen, if the website, serves specific content, or offer, based on your visitor’s location.

Here is Why GeoTargeting is important, and why I like this plugin:

  • Create More Personalized Experience – Like Greetings, etc…
  • Great Performance using Cookies – to save on API Calls
  • Get all the Geo Location Information using Simple Shortcodes
  • You can almost use shortcodes almost anywhere in your WordPress site, ie. Title/Content of WordPress post/page/widget etc.. Within a title or within a content itself,  just copy paste the shortcodes, within your content and you are done

All that can be accomplished using the Geo Posts Free Plugin.

What is GeoPosts Free WordPress Plugin?

Geo Posts Free plugin uses IpInfoDb and/or geoPlugin’s service to get geolocation data of visitor’s ip address. It save location data in visitors browser cookies to save number of api calls.

Well, as I said, it helps you display visitor’s geo location data on your WordPress website using built in WordPress shortcode functionality or using php code directly in your template.

Which definitely increases performance.

How to use Geo Posts Free WordPress Plugin on your Website ?

Well… You can watch my video below,




Use following shortcodes almost anywhere in WordPress, ie. Title/Content of WordPress post/page/widget etc.. Within a title or within a content itself, just copy paste following shortcodes.

  • [mygeo_city] // to display City name
  • [mygeo_country_code] // to display Country Code
  • [mygeo_country_name] // to display Country Name
  • [mygeo_region] // to display state / region name
  • [mygeo_latitude] // to display latitude of the visitors location
  • [mygeo_longitude] // to display longitude of the visitors location
  • [mygeo_postal_code] // to display postal code if available


If you like to see a real live example – please go to and notice the Greeting.


So here you go, I shared with you a very easy plugin, that can make it easier for you to personalize your website, based on your visitor’s location. Use this plugin, to make your website more friendly, and also, to get your visitor’s attention, by surprising them with their location.