How to Use Multiple WordPress Themes on One WordPress Website or Blog

In this free wordpress training, I am going to show you a new plugin that will allow you to utilize multiple themes on the same WordPress Blog or Website.

Here is HOW this can be useful:

  • May be you are an Internet Marketer, and You Would Like to have a Special Theme to Serve and Show your Sales Letter Page, that is different from the rest of your site
  • Or May be you would like to show different theme for Your Blog Posts, and another Theme for Your Pages
  • Or May be, You Want Each Page to Have its own different theme
  • Or May be, You Want Each Post to Have a different theme

The above can all be accomplished, by an amazing free plugin called the “Page Theme“.

This plugin is amazing, because it makes it super easy to specify either your default theme, or page or post specific theme.

Check the video below, for all the details, as I walk you step by step, on how to install it, set it up, and use it, and also I provide couple of suggestions on how to avoid any issues with trick.

Now you have to be careful when using such a trick, because it kind of change how wordpress was designed, and how it supposed to work, but I tried it, and it appears to work with no problems.

Watch the video below, and let me know, what you think, by commenting below….


Download the Plugin from the WordPress Repository

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