How to Create a Nice Looking Pricing Table in WordPress in Under 5 min

Do you have multiple packages to offer to your clients, or your wordpress blog?

Would you like to create a fancy looking pricing table in under 5 min?

Do you want to increase conversion and make it easy for your prospects to sign up to your product or service plans?

If you answer YES to any of the above question, then continue reading because I got an exciting amazing plugin

for you today.

Pricing Table in WordPress Are Awesome

In case you are wondering why, here are the reasons in my opinion:

  • They play a big part in your product or conversion process
  • Pricing Table Make It easy for your prospects to understand what you offer them, with a quick glance, so they must be easy, simple and descriptive,  and at the same time well designed
  • Shows that you are a professional service provider, and know exactly what you offer and what you want to sell
  • Gives your prospects different options on how to do business with you

So what’s a Pricing Table?

Pricing Table Example

It is simply a table that list all your offering features, pricing and options. Web users got used to seeing them, on most reputable service providers, info products, or membership websites.

How do I create my first Pricing Table?

Listen, creating pricing tables using html and css is very difficult and time consuming. Pricing tables are a particular challenge because of the critical role they play in the sign-up process. They often have to convey a large amount of data and must do so in an easily understandable form.

Here are some guidelines to use in your next pricing table:

  1. Try to choose a checkmark to indicate that a feature is AVAILABLE, it has been proven that it is much faster to be understood in comparison to YES/NO
  2. Use, A dash ( — ) to indicate that the feature is UNAVAILABLE,if you decided to stick to YES/NO please use NO to express unavailable features
  3. Always indicate a featured item, or featured plan, that will make it easier for your prospect to create a comparison in their mind, to the other plans
  4. Make a Clear Call To Action, explaining what you want the reader or the prospect to do, for instance, “Buy Now!”, “Sign Up Now!”, or “Join Now!”
  5. Try to use generic names for your different plans or options, for instance:
    1. “Free, Basic, Standard, Business”,
    2. “Free, Basic, Plus, Premium”
But here is the good news. Creating Pricing Tables in WordPress couldn’t be any easier with this plugin that I am showing you below, it is very and intuitive, and took out most of the hard work, for you. So you can really have a professional looking pricing table in under 5 min.
Go do it, and add it to your website, or your business.
Let me know, what do you think regarding this article?
How would use this pluging? Any other plugins you recommend?
Let me know, below, and I will talk to you soon.