How to Secure Your WordPress Login, and Avoid to be HACKED!

Most of us spend lots of time, creating and updating our blogs.

Always thinking about new content, and coming up with the best design, and we just rely, on the built in security that comes with wordpress.

WordPress comes fairly secure from the factory, but I believe in this day, we need to take extra steps, to secure our wordpress, and our wordpress login, because there are lots of hackers and attackers, who are looking for weak and unsecure sites, to take control of, may be to bring down, or may be use those sites, as a base for them, to send spam, and harmful attacks to others.

Why You Should Worry about Secure WordPress Login:

If you follow this training, step by step, and you apply what I am showing you will be able, you will be gain lots of power, and influence, because you will be completely in charge of the login process, and you won’t allow BAD GUYS to take control of your wordpress website or blog.

Also, you won’t have issues with your web hosting provider, because if your site get hacked, your site will be brought down, by the hosting company, or by the hacker, which will prevent your readers, prosepcts, and customers, from accessing your site, and that will raise a red flag about how reliable and secure your wordpress website or blog.

And Finally you will be able to reach your goals faster. You have created your website to accomplish set of goals, and by trying to recover from a hacking accident, or if your wordpress site or blog was brought down, by the web hosting company for security reasons, you will have to spend time, trying to recover, which will slow you down, and will add more to your frustration.

so you might be asking what plugins to use??

What plugins to use:

I mainly use 2 plugins:

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How should You Do It:

In this video training, I show how to install, configure those 2 plugins, step by step, and I show you an example, of an email, that I received with a warning  attack that happened on this particular website, and also I share my personal tips and tricks, on how to take your wordpress website security to the next level, and make sure that your wordpress site or blog is always secure.


Do yourself, a favor, and apply those 2 plugins, and you will get a peace of mind. Many of us don’t worry about security that much, but trust me, it is lots of hassle, once you get attacked or hacked, especially after your website gets brought down, by your hosting provider.

You are going to do lots of convincing to bring it back up, and there is a chance that they won’t listen to you, because they worry about their other customers, and they want to make sure that your website is not affecting others.