How to Add a Simple Secure Contact Form to Your WordPress?

One of the questions I asked about a lot, is how quickly and easily I can how to setup a contact form on wordpress.

In this training, I am going to show you, why you should setup a contact form, and I mean a form, not just a page with an email address, but I mean a fully functional contact form, that allows your prospect to contact you and send you a message in less than 3 min..

See, many people ignore the contact page on their website or blog, which is a very big mistake..

I am not sure what’s your goal, from your blog or website, but usually is about engagement and initiating conversation, whether you are promoting an idea, selling a product or service, or just sharing the content with the masses.. Having a contact page, is vital to keep in touch with website visitors, hear their questions or feedback.

Here are the Reasons, Why You Should Setup a Contact Form:

  • Make it Easier for Your Prospects and Visitors, to Give You Feedback, Comments, or Ask Questions
  • If You Are Providing Any Kind of Service, it Can Be Great Tool, to Request Your Service, Ask for Price Quotes, and More..
  • Make Your Website or Blog Look More Legitimate, and More Trustworthy
  • Less Spam, If You Just Provide Your Email Address
  • It is page that can possibly get you a client, friend, or a fan

What is a Contact Form

A Contact Page or Contact Form, is simply a page that has form that in most cases have 3-4 form fields. These form fields and text boxes, can be Name, Phone, Email, and Comment…Some of these fields are required some are not.
You can have more fields, like may be the best time to contact you, etc… But me personally the less questions my visitor has to answer is always better, and encourages more engagement.
I Like to have the Phone, Email, and Comment to be Required…. Just a good way to get in touch with the person who used it.

How to Use This Plugin

Inside this video training, I show you on detail how to setup contact form on wordpress, using the Simple Secure Contact Form Plugin, and also I showed a quick overview of some of the advanced features that this plugin provides.

Now Go DO IT

So the conclusion of this post, is that always do your best have and create a quick contact page, on your blog or website, this page is a MUST!!!!
The more information you provide on that page, the more you make your wordpress blog or wordpress website look more legitimate and authentic.
Checkout the video and the links below, and leave any questions or feedback in the comments below…
Talk to you Next Week,,,
Tarek Alaaddin

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