7 Reasons Why You Should Make “Start a New Blog” as Your New Year Resolution Today…

7 Reasons why you should make “start a new blog” as your new year resolution today…

In this article I’m going to show a 7 important benefits that you can get when starting your own blog today that makes your 2013, the most successful, productive and popular year ever. THe year that you will have the most growth, and develop the version 2.0 of you.

If you take what I am about to show you and take action and start your new blog today.

You will get more power and influence, and you will be able to influence yourself for more success, and others to follow you. And also….people will flock to you, and want to connect with you better, at the same time People will want to know you, and become friends with you. Also to add you will Achieve and meet your objectives, and You will make things happen and accomplish more this year.

Let me show you 7 benefits that you are going to get if you started your own blog today:

1) Become a better communicator, in addition to becoming a good writer, you will be become a better communicator, because with a blog post you are trying to communicate with visitors and readers from all different backgrounds, post and article writing, will definitely make you a better communicator, because you are going to learn how to streamline your thoughts, and how to communicate more effectively.

2) Enhance your career possibilities and potential. Think about it, what do you think most recruiters do, when trying to get more information about you? Most probably they are going to Google your name, and see what comes up. Now if you have a blog, with few posts, searching for your name, will definitely return your blog as part of the search result. If you wrote few posts in your field, that proves your talents and your skill, or if you have have written few personal posts, about your trips and your travel, that will definitely provide more information about you than many other candidates, which will definitely make you more popular, and more interesting, so that the recruiter who is looking you up, will feel like he/she knows you already, which will definitely increase your chances of getting hired, or the least to get an interview.

3) Make Money Online, with your blog you can create additional income, that can help you pay few bills, or put that extra income into a saving account. In my training program the  Easy WordPress Training, I show you 7 different ways to help you monetize your blog, so fast and quickly, that you will regret not starting your blog years ago.

4) Build connection with other people. Using my blog I was able to connect and communicate with so many people, and I also got a chance to know and talk, to many interesting people, whom I exchanged few emails with, or talked on the phone and managed to establish good connection with to this day. Also, with a blog you can build an audience, and produce and distribute your content using email newsletters. In the easy WordPress Training program, you will get a full module on how to build and setup an email list, and how to communicate and build a great audience using your blog.

5) Become a better reader, researcher, and a seeker of information. Because in order to provide you with a regular content, I have to read more, and research more, to be well prepared for whatever new content, I am writing. Aside from making your a better writer, and helping you become more concise and a better presenter, you will also become a better reader and researcher, because you have to gather information from different sources, and present the new information, in a well and easy format. In the easy WordPress training program, I show you how to generate and to publish content regularly, doing that will earn you a better ranking with Google  and also will increase your readership.

6) Get Feedback, on your ideas and your work. We all heard the saying “Feedback is the breakfast of the champions”, and to put that into perspective. We all have tons of ideas, such as business ideas, personal thoughts, and future plans. One of the benefits of blogging, is that it is not just a one way communication, but blogging is an interactive medium where once you publish a post or a new content, you can get comments, and feedback, and also you can respond, and interact with those comments, and many of these comments can be suggestions. Personally I learned a lot from this process, I received some feedback mostly positive, and some that was negative that just encouraged and motivated me to improve and become better. And that’s what I show you in the easy WordPress Training program, where I explain and show you how to setup a good comment system, and how to configure it work for you, so you can get only the legitimate comments, and not the spam.

7) Volunteer, Help, and Give back, blogging can be considered as a form of volunteerism, because you are creating content, to help, inspire and educate others. 46 Published Blog Posts, on getyourblogready.com, and over 160 premium posts, published on the easywptraining.com, all geared to help others, create, publish, and make money with their blog. Tens of people from all around the world view and go over the content on daily basis, and I can tell you that nothing makes me more happy, reading a positive note or comment, and seeing more visitors benefiting from my content.

If you would like to achieve all the above benefits, get the power, and the influence that you desire. Get more followers, and achieve all your personal self development goals, that  you set out to accomplish for 2013…

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You will:
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6) The final result will be a great customizable website, where you can be in charge of every word, and your new website, won’t look like a 5 year old website, or website that was created in the 90s

Blogging is easy, if you have the step by step instruction, on how to get started, setup and publish your content the right way, and that’s what the easy WordPress Training system is all about.

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Tarek Alaaddin