How to Transform Your Website Text Using Google Web Fonts

Let me ask you, the Following Questions…….

Want access to over 600 free web font families?

How about changing the look and feel of your website text, and font, for free, with descent quality fonts, without installing anything on your server?

How about implementing the new look and feel, in a matter of a minute?

The Answer is Google Web Fonts.

Here is why I like Google Web Fonts, and using this Plugin:

  • Over 600 Free High Quality Fonts
  • Requires No Sign UP – You can start using them RIGHT AWAY
  • VERY FAST …. Served Using Google High Speed and Fast Servers
  • Save Money – If you are  on a budget you can save $25-100/ Year using Google Fonts compared to other Premium Services
  • Very Easy to Implement
  • You can download the fonts – to use them in your design mockups, most of the other similar services don’t
  • Compatible with almost every browser, mobile device and tablet

What is Google Web Fonts:

Google Web Fonts; it is a part of the Google Developer API and provides access to high-quality web fonts that you can use in your web page documents. Not only can you use the fonts on your websites or blogs, but they are also downloadable to your PC or server for use in local programs such as desktop publishing or imaging software applications.

How to use Google Web Fonts:

1) Watch the video on this post

2) Make sure that you download the Plugin form the WordPress Repository

3) I explain in detail, how to utilize this plugin with your wordpress site, and I show you how a quick example, of how to create your custom style sheet


Finally, and to sum it all up.

Google Web Fonts, is a great solution, for using an extensive library of fonts for FREE. It is a great alternative for many of the other paid services out there, but still provide, descent quality open source fonts. Also refer to this link to see a great combination of Google fonts examples, that yo can apply to your new website, right now, all using Google fonts.

Let me know, what you think? Would use Google Fonts, or prefer using other paid services?

If you prefer other paid services, which ones you like and why?

Let’s start the conversation, and I will talk you, in the next post.  😀

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